Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Water Warriors

For years I have felt frustrated by the water fairies that signal water issues in my home. Admitting my misunderstanding of their motivations happened today.

Water fairies live with us. They always point out water appliance breakages or any issues related to water that need fixing  . . .  before it's too late. This time, those who came to fix the areas the fairies revealed did not complete their jobs. As a result the water fairies called on Water Warriors to alert us before disaster grew.

First they tickled the sprinkler system to gain our attention. The sprinkler fixer hadn't solved the problem correctly. These Warrior fellows demand immediate solutions more than the water fairies. They had our neighbor amazed at the water draining into his yard. He raced over on his mountain bike to alert us.

Then today's Head Warrior began his warning system . . .

After the four days of sewer pipe installation two weeks ago, today water slithered down the toilets and shot up the showers, as it did before the fix. After a laundry load spun its moisture into the mix every bathroom clogged. We also discovered little cracked bits of plastic and two pink worm-like ties.

Do you see ties on their toes above . . . No.  Of course not. They are the Warning Warriors not the cause. The WWs arrived to advise us the gang of fixers had left something undone.

The fixer arrived from the plumbing company to do his diagnostics. Apparently the initial crew did not tighten the clean out pipe and dirt slogged in to clog everything - big time.

We used to dance for the water fairies but these friends deserve more. I wonder if one of my salmon dinners will satisfy them? I'll fix salmon soaked in lemon marinade with curry powder before baking. Add grilled asparagus with a mixed green salad.

Or, do they prefer sweets?  I will prepare Welsh Cakes, a recipe handed down from my Welsh ancestors.

If these Warriors are related to the Boggarts of legend, they will appreciate my efforts.

Over the years I have given these water alerters a bad name. Now I appreciate their missions.

Hurrah for the Water Fairies and our new friends, the Water Warriors. We will feast and dance tonight to satisfy everyone.

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