Thursday, July 13, 2017

Celebrate Thoreau's 200th Birthday

Henry David Thoreau's 1862 essay, "Walking," promoted his philosophy, "all good things are wild and free." He remarked about the connections of human beings and nature and criticized individuals for their lack of a relationship with nature. During Thoreau's experiences of walking into the forest near his home, he compared nature's divinity and the spirit of walking with Christianity and mythology. 

Thoreau urges readers to marvel at the mythological wonders of sunset.

Inspiration arises from Thoreau’s core principle of simplicity. Thoreau felt, "Our life is frittered away by detail."  He wrote, Simplify!  Simplify!  

"Men are becoming the tools of their tools," he observed. "I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, wrote Thoreau, "to see if I could learn what life had to teach - so that, when I came to die., I would not discover that I had not lived."

Inspiration arises from Thoreau’s core principle of simplicity. 

Practices like meditation and yoga provide solace and insights to individuals today. Minds clear as bodies tone and spirits expand.
We need to find ourselves in natural settings with gratitude and express, “Thank yous.” 

When we're bombarded with negativity from the media, or frustrations with daily situations, we can seek positivity where rivers run, waves crash, black phoebes hawk, and morning glories bloom. 

Run. Play. Roam. Move into daily excursions to experience

nature's fascinations.

As you ramble, wander and wonder, make notes about what crosses your path. 

Focus on interactions and individuals you meet in urban and natural settings.  

Revel in the simple delights of life.

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