Monday, July 10, 2017

Nature's Ways

“The next time you’re faced with something that’s unexpected, unwanted, and uncertain, consider that it may be a gift.” - Stacy Kramer

A father took his son to a creek to teach him to fish.  They sat in the sun watching clouds move above them. The breeze kept them comfortable and cool. Fish jumped from the water but evaded their attempts to hook them. 

Near his fishing line, the father saw a scorpion drowning and reached to pull it from the water. The scorpion stung him. The man let go and the creature fell back into the water. He tried again to rescue it. Again it stung and he had to release it.

His young son said, "Dad, you hurt yourself trying to save that vicious thing.  Why do you keep trying? Scorpions do not stop stinging."

The father replied, "My nature is to help just as the scorpion's nature is to sting."

As they waited for the fish to bite, the man thought about another solution. He used a leaf to pull the scorpion out from the water and saved its life. It scrambled away.

After several hours, the son felt a tug on his line. A small trout sparkled from the water as he reeled it in. It seemed so small and full of life, the boy unhooked it and threw it back.  

As they decided to leave without a fish to take home for dinner, the son saw a sunflower.  "I'll take this home to mother, " he said. When he reached in to break the stalk, a bee stung him on the hand. The bee crumpled to the ground, losing its stinger and life. 

The man shook his head as he removed the stinger and comforted the young boy. "You told me to beware of the scorpion and now a bee has died while you wished to pick a flower for your mother."

The son wiped his tears away, 
"I think we learned more than just about fishing today."

The father smiled and hugged his son.

How has nature revealed a lesson of value?  Write about it.

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