Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Recollection and Amazement

Write in recollection and amazement for yourself.
 - Jack Kerouac

I marveled at birds in flight as a child. With a sheet above my head, I jumped from a tree surprised at landing so soon. 

The intrigue of creatures that wriggled under rocks held my attention. Tadpoles sprouted legs as their bodies bulged into bug-eyed frogs.

At night I opened watches and dismantled radios. I had an idea about how to unroll the top of a soda can. Then the pop top can arrived to confirm my idea.  

My curiosity grew and knew no bounds.

Go back in time and regain the thrill of a discovery. 

Return to a moment when you advanced your mind and took a risk without the benefit of anyone else's direction. 

What did you invent or discover by yourself?

Write in the child's mind of adventure, recollection, and amazement. 

Recall ways you planned something outrageous or courageous.  

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