Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy First Day of Spring

"Truth is, one day I planted a flower. As the flower grew I began to feel something come alive in my own skin.  I would go out at weird hours of the day and night, just to fuss over the flower. I dug in the dirt to let the flower breathe. I planted more flowers to give the flower friends." 
- Terry Hershey

Terry Hershey discovered that life is a garden. He would tell his flowers stories, laugh out loud into twilight. He wrote, "A strange grin spread over my face as I realized what was happening. I felt at home."

As Hershey continued to plant more flowers, vegetables, and trees, he brought friends over. He watched their smiles. As the garden grew he felt joy, "I came face to face with a part of myself that had been missing and I liked what I saw."

Celebrate March 20, first day of spring.

Plant seeds in the garden and in containers inside your home.

Observe how they grow. It takes time for a seed to break its case. Seedlings show strength and push upward to the light and downward to develop a foundation.  Provide their nurture with water and nutrients.

Once the leaves spring their green, feel the leaf texture.

Always smile.

The scent of a flower may appear in time.

Find a new approach to life by discovering what a seedling's success suggests for you.

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  1. Your stories and photos of flowers bring a big smile to our snow-covered landscape. Happy spring, Penny!