Monday, March 27, 2017

Explorations into the Dewdrop World

This dewdrop world

Is but a dewdrop world
. . . and yet? 
    - Isso

A delve into roses inside out.
The petals fan and flair with the nurture of dew.


Shadows pose behind and beyond; shapes and curtains flow.

Harmony of upside down and turn around in traces and hearts unfurl.

What self-conversation stumbles among the shapes that reveal a secret core?

To peer, without haste and permit the eyes and nose to investigate. The hands and body bend to each shrine of nature. 

What musicality trails the leaves.  A taste of tart and surprise entreats.

. . . and yet?

Awake in the wild of impermanence, the temple draws an adventurer.

What do I know of secrets I don't understand?
Like dew, a phantom or the flare of sunset gone.  With hope revisited.

and  yet . . . to awaken and arrive again at dawn.

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