Thursday, March 24, 2016

Take a Turtle Day

Everyone needs to take a turtle day.  It involves delving into your protective shell. Go beyond the shell to write about your true worth.

Applaud yourself for your self-sufficient nature.  

You have everything you need to live from the inside out and explore a life of magic and miracles.

Once you identify and applaud your talents you gain the ability to share them with others.

List your gifts and how they provide for the expansion of your true nature. 

Write about strengths that you rarely think about.  Write also about areas you need to develop to become more self-sufficient.  Let yourself shine.

Show how you jump hurdles. Sport your medals. 

Twirl in Life's mysteries.  

Stretch for change.  

Dive into YOU today. Write about your challenges and your highest achievements.  

List passions and thrills. 

Revel in changes accomplished.  

Reveal how you might give your strengths away to benefit someone less fortunate.  

Show how to help others adapt and grow.

End with a one line proclamation of YOU!

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