Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Right Way

After dropping off my car for service, I braved the morning commuters by walking. Crossing over two freeway overpasses I scurried on my way to wander in nature.

Most drivers did not pay much attention to the green man walking signs. I stood tall, waved, and took a deep breath to cross to safety. 

As cars piled up at the intersections, I noticed how cranky and distracted the faces appeared. Not a smile reigned.  Then I realized all the signage promoted negativity by advising what NOT to do. 

What would happen to our psyches if additional signs read: Smile. Play. Be Aware. Have Fun.

Granted many of the caveats prevent us from dangerous situations. We also need encouragement along the way.  

What if  STOP  meant Stop and Think.  Stop and Live.  Stop and Have a FUN day.

What if this sign read - Surprise at the end of the street.

More signs could tell us about ways to enrich our lives.  

Such possibilities would do wonders for the ego and communication. 

When I drive by 
Keep Clear 
it makes perfect sense.

We need more signs to stimulate our interaction with nature.

Rewrite all the signs you pass on the street.  

Turn Stop into: Go for it.  Encourage motorists to DO positive actions.

Hurrah for YES!  Just do it!

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