Tuesday, July 19, 2016

To the Edge

Resides there, at the edge of the human enclosure, artists whose purpose it is to explore the edge, the border territory, of what it means to be human. They work in territory where one reality encounters another, where light encounters dark, where scariness and beauty mingle, where demons and gods dance. There, vague sensations are encountered that can often only be sensed on some kind of pre-verbal basis. They explore their interior world, they explore the mystery of existence, of nature. They do what they do based on some combination of imagination, hard work and discipline. They search for truth and find part-truth.  From Art is About the Mystery - Roderick MacIver

Push beyond a writing edge from your interior world. 

Get into the terror of territory and jump past fears and fragilities.  

Move through excuses and let the demons dance.

Plunge into opposites for meaning.  

Define an abstract with all the senses: passion, peace, petulance. 

Investigate an unuseful habit.

Discover an aspect of nature.

Let a truth emerge

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