Thursday, July 21, 2016

Design a Love House

Love is a house with many rooms, this room to feed the love, this one to entertain it, this one to clean it, this one to dress it, this one to allow it to rest, and each of these rooms can also just as well be the room for laughing or the room for listening or the room for telling one's secrets or the room for sulking or the room for apologizing or the room for intimate togetherness, and, of course, there are the rooms for the new members of the household.  Love is a house in which plumbing brings bubbly new emotions every morning, and sewers flush out disputes and bright windows open up to admit the fresh air of renewed goodwill  Love is a house with an unshakable foundation and an indestructible roof.  - Yann Martel from The High Mountains of Portugal

What kind of house would you design for your laughter, listening, self-care, and secrets?  How will you add family and friendship rooms with scents and tastes?

Add animals, flowers and plants for texture and pleasure.

Circulate a rainbow of color.

Create your love house out of words.

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