Friday, July 8, 2016

Discover a New Talent

Have you wanted to try something new and beyond your abilities?

If you applied for a job as a toy expert, how would your resume read?  Would you perform for the owner like a marionette?

You watch as the train rolls to a stop. Occupants disembark. Elephants, tigers, lions, and a variety of birds emerge. Then the clowns, a strong man, trapeze artists, a bearded lady, tattooed man, and self-styled oddballs descend.  

The circus sets up tents. Scents of onions and corn dogs fill the air. Cotton candy and popcorn with butter tease.  The music begins to draw you into the scene.
When spectators enter the gates, barkers yell for their dollars. 

Spectators emerge wide-eyed from a small tent where the fortune teller fuels their desires.

Imagine your role in the circus. Which act would you perform?  

Write into your fantasies to discover a new talent.

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