Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Write to Change a Mood

Serotonin, the brain's feel-good chemical, interacts with receptors to spread happiness, satisfaction and relaxation. How do we wrestle with shades of experience? We have the ability to move from intense moments then glide into realms of ease. At other times we just struggle, stuck in the middle of funk. The complexity of the human endocrine system toys with our balance.

All the advances in medicine and technology cannot provide a life of satisfaction. Only we can access that center of Wisdom above our necks and do what needs doing. 

We must engage with our highs, lows and middles by discovering ways to dislodge discomfort and energize the interactions in the brain for positive results.

With writing we have the ability to alter our moods or, at least, write about and through them.

Get several sheets of paper and a pen that flows across the page. Find a location where you can write undisturbed for a half hour. Write your current mood across the top of the page. Begin writing and do not cross out or feel concern about the words that flow. Let one drop, then another.

See where your mind takes you until the end of the page. Has your mood changed? Write the replacement mood across the top of the next page and begin again. 

Follow your moods for a half hour at first then extend the time. Try writing with a variety of colors. If cranky, use green. If tired, write with red or magenta. Use blue for its tranquil qualities.

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