Thursday, June 12, 2014

Super-Power Your Writing

When the comic book hero Superman first appeared on the scene in 1938 he had the power to jump over tall buildings, but he could not fly.  By 1941, Superman hovered in mid-air and moved around while floating.  Eventually, he attained the ability to soar distances, even between stars.

Discover ways to super-power your writing. Take a draft that does not fly for you. Circle excess words like adverbs and adjectives to notice if they stall the movement of ideas. Repopulate sentences with active verbs.  Swing the words and sentences around. 

Go for short and long sentences for variety. Search for details. How might a question to tease the reader? Add musicality and read lines out loud. Color a line or two.

Expand your wings from taking big leaps to hovering in mid-air.  When you work to increase writing skills you will progress to full flight.

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