Sunday, June 1, 2014

Transform Emotions in Writing

Charting a day's emotions in writing provides insights for self-discovery and future writing projects. Prepare the night before by having a pad and pen handy.

Begin at awakening. Write the first feeling or mood you experience.

Do you feel a flood of eagerness for the day?

Does anxiety appear?

Do your eyes open to a sense of tranquility?

Does a memory flood your mind?

Keep your pad with you during the day. Chart your feelings.

Use different words or phrases to record a feeling that repeats.

What happens to your body language when you write the opposite emotion?

At the end of the day, read your thoughts for an overview.

How many times have you recorded one emotion or two?

Find imagery that represents emotions met during your day. Notice if fear flees out the window when you bring in joy. Let playfulness skitter along the ground like a lizard when met with anger. Frustration sports a canary's song when tuned with a fond memory.

Transform emotions in writing.

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