Monday, June 2, 2014

Bird Wisdom

A legend tells of a man walking in his garden who noticed a hummingbird struggling in a spider web. The bird spoke his language and begged for release from the web.  She said, "I cannot feed you or provide song in a cage.  My feathers are too small to be of use.  If you set me free, I will tell you three rules to guide your life.

Shocked to hear the bird speak, the man said he would release her if she told him the three rules.

She said:

l.  Never believe everything you are told.
2. Do not have regrets in life.
3. Do not go after the unattainable.

She then reminded the man of his word.  He removed the web from her feathers and thanked her for the advice.

The hummingbird flew to the top of the nearest tree and laughed.
"Silly man. You allowed me to fly away when I carry a diamond larger than a hen's egg.

The man looked up and said, "You think you are happy because I gave you freedom.  Summer will end and winter storms will arrive.  Who will give you a warm place where you can fly freely and have food and water as much as you want?  Come down and I'll show you are better off with me than with your freedom.

The bird laughed louder than before.

"Why are you still laughing?"  asked the man.

"You gave me freedom in exchange for my teachings.  Now you are so foolish that you do not take the teachings to heart?  I earned my freedom fairly but you forgot your lessons.  You should not wish for things that you can't have and yet you want me.  Freedom is my whole life and you want  me to enter a prison?  You should not believe the impossible and yet you believe that I can carry in my body a diamond as large as a hen's egg?  I myself am only the size of a wren's egg."

With that the bird flew away.

Respond to the bird's three rules. Where will they lead you in a story?

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