Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Punctuate Your Life

You have a unique story to tell.  Certain people, events, and themes figure prominently in life story. View your life in sounds, sights, smells, tastes, and memories.

Listen to the voices that travel through your mind. Hear your father, mother, siblings, children, lovers, friends, enemies, teachers, and heroes acting out their dramas on your life slate.  Hearing the voices within yourself will remind you of your place in a special clan. 

People will always inhabit you and return with your memories to help you create your stories.

Your group had traditions, rules, taboos, customs, ceremonies and habitual ways of interacting that shaped and shaded your personality. As a result, you have a complete cycle of legends, dances, and songs to be sung. Write these stories to enrich your life and share your history and memories with others.

Lifeline of memories:

How will you punctuate time?  Which moments will you isolate and give symbolic importance or single out for dramatic effect? 

Choose five pivotal events in your life. Detail the circumstances, characters and backgrounds of each scene. How are the scenes you have chosen representative of your present life? How did they change or affect you?  How has your view of them altered over the years?

Identify reoccurring themes in your life. Which ages were crisis periods? Consider the impact of personal, family, and social rituals or celebrations.

Turn your story inside out; try a new way of punctuating your life.  Create a persona to revisit a situation in your life.  How will you enhance or change it?

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