Friday, August 4, 2017

Collaborative Thinking

Why does it become difficult for individuals with opposing views to share a common understanding?

Often when tempers flare, patience marches out the door.

What if we take time away from our ego needs to consider a perspective that differs from our own?

If you draw a W on a sheet of paper and place it on a table between two people who face each other, it will look different to each person.  

One person will see it as an M and argue that position while the person on the opposite side sees it as a W and challenges the other's view. Each view feels reasonable for the person facing the letter.

Before spending energy trying to convince people they're wrong, mentally get up and move around to try to see from the other person's perspective. This view may finally make sense to you if you're at his or her shoulder, even if you don't agree fully. Invite the individual to stand next to you also.

The expression, "walk a mile in my mocassins" never gets another's ear. Compromise does not satisfy anyone, either. If you switch the perspective away from what each person's ego believes, you may discover a third way of viewing the situation.

Consider trying the alphabet way. Collaborative thinking creates a new perspective. Try a sideways view and get an for energy and excitement. Move into exotic.

The next time you discover yourself in a situation with two views in conflict, consider how to turn the situation on its side view that neither of you have considered.

If everyone shares the view from an O
Tries to connect with the power of 
life would become much less of a mess

Let x negate a question of Y

Connects in friendship with an H and I
Agreement on goes silly with Z
As perception changes its view in C
Just notice how different all life would B

Consider an issue you have not resolved with someone because of differing views. Write about a way of turning it around.

Explore the alphabet!

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