Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We Must Vote Every Day

“I suspect historians will find fault with many and virtue with few when they look back at this election. But let us not descend into cynicism. The future of this country is indeed at stake. But even with the vote on November 8, the chapters of our American story will be written in ink not yet dry. Our destiny will depend on how we act going forward. Will we buy into the "nevermind" crowd, or will we resolve, together, to demand better of our elected officials, our press, and ourselves?” - Dan Rather

James Tracy writes, WE VOTE EVERY DAY

the most important choices

we make
are on the days between elections
picketlines walked
homes unevicted
communities mobilized
cynicism conquered
empires deleted
meanings for once
not lost in translation
kindness given
love made
to that extent you know
we all vote every day

The election over. President-elect decided. Support needed for our America.

Let your frustrations out and get over it. Put the name-calling and anger aside. 

How can we make Americans Grateful again? What does it take to see what works, not just what's broken? Reconsider what others nudge with negativity. 

Rather than whine about the election result, find three areas of America to research.  Decide how you would like to assist with ideas and support. Write letters to your representatives. Use of blue sky thinking put a man on the moon. 

We must vote every day!  Share our Love and Kindness.

It's time to consider our legacy and possibilities. This begins with self-respect that moves into responsibility and respect for others' views and beliefs.

Brighten the mosaic of America. Make a plan to become active in your areas of choice. Demand better of everyone, as Dan Rather says. Reach out to others to assist with additional inspiration.

Get creative to solve issues. It is time to take personal action in small ways.

Make solutions a reason to shout. Begin in dialogue with friends or family members.

Let's go America.  Make us Grateful again!

We must vote every day!

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