Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Day Before Thanksgiving

The day before Thanksgiving provides time to ponder and celebrate gratitude for life's gifts: family, friendships, and discoveries in each moment. 

We live in a world of chaos but have the ability to bring balance through writing. Give thanks for each challenge as it turns into an exploration. Celebrate your creativity with gratitude.

Write a thank you note to anyone who has influenced your life. Then, thank someone mentally and self-reflect on his or her importance to your happiness. 

During the day, thank individuals for their smiles or kindness toward you. 

Keep a journal to express and share thoughts about emotional and physical gifts you have received.  

Consider a negative situation that provided guidance and insight.  How did it offer feelings of gratitude?

List your gratitudes and explore the specifics of why they made you happy. 

Grow buoyant, float and fly.  A bit of humor conquers all.  

Appreciate what’s offered regardless of the form. 

Share your attention to detail and have a grateful day.

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