Tuesday, November 15, 2016


"Poetry is about the clarities that you find when you don’t simplify. Poetry is about complexity, nuance, subtlety. Poems also create larger fields of possibility. The imagination is limitless, so even when a person is confronted with an unchangeable outer circumstance, one thing poems give you is the sense that there’s always, still, a changeability, a malleability, of inner circumstance. That’s the beginning of freedom." - Jane Hirshfield

Over eight billion people exist on our planet. Everyone tries to figure out how to live, love, eat, survive, and co-exist with each other. 

We live in a great "something." Struggles for that something give meaning to our lives.

How would you write to delve into, "larger fields of possibility?  How will we work to create more awareness of what needs attention: pollution reduction, resource protection, energy efficiency, and self-sufficiency?

Stay upbeat and share how creativity matches challenges in writing about "confrontations with unchangeable outer circumstances," as Hirshfield says. 

Consider inventions or suggestions you would develop to assist with the malleability of our life process.

Write into a re-awakening for change.  Enter your freedom.

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