Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What Matters Most?

"Gaining access to that interior life is a kind of . . . archaeology: on the basis of some information and a little bit of guesswork, you journey to a site to see what remains and what's left behind 
and you reconstruct the world." 
 - Toni Morrison

What matters the most in your life? 

Answers to that question change as you grow and mature with experience in thinking about choices. During a lifetime, we return to aspects of life that matter the most. Writing about and through these experiences provides insight for future choices.

Think of an incident that shaped the way you view your life?  Did a hidden gift exist there, or a lesson you've carried forward? 

Did you make a choice in the moment that benefitted your future?  Could you have gone a different direction and altered where you reside in life today?

Recall an incident where you felt a real or perceived disadvantage. In reflection, would you change the results? 

Remember a choice you did not make or one that was made for you because of procrastination or indecision. How would you rewrite it from a third person perspective?

Do you have unfinished business in an area of life?

What's your life's greatest decision?

Discover what writing uncovers in the archaeology of your interior life. 

Then, as Morrison suggests, "reconstruct the world."

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