Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tones of Feelings

I believe more seriously than many others that it is beneficial as an adult to preserve the childlike imaginative wonder about life.  Children have a less defined, fuzzier attitude to the divide between reality and imagination." 
 - Arne Naess

In his book, Life's Philosophy, Arne Naess writes about how playful emotions drive "artists of life." These individuals always have a smile ready to break out. Naess feels one has to reflect creatively on life's opportunities.  

Here a focus on feelings works rather than depending upon reason.

How do you feel about yourself and the world?  Most people will write about how they "see" the world or "understand" the world. They don't say, "This is how I feel myself about the situation."

Observe feelings you encounter at various times of the day. 

How do you name and tame them? 

Return to a childlike mind to recall when you first experienced the tones of feelings.

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