Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Good novels are not written, they are rewritten. Great novels are diamonds mined from layers of rewrites. ~ Andre Jute

During the initial stages of a writing project creativity abounds. The process invites freedom with words racing to express, reach and react without limits. When words have flared upon the page, the time to re-vision arrives.

Test your writing with these five lines.

l.   Read your writing aloud. How's the rhythm? Have you created a beat with long and short sentences? 
 Develop structure and style.
2.  Circle adverbs and adjectives. Search and replace modifiers that drag at the sentences. Replace passive tense with active verbs to drive ideas.
3.  Begin at the ending to re-start your story, poem or essay. What insights does this provide?
4.  Add a dash of sound, scents and texture. Color sentences.
5.  Read your re-vision aloud again.    
Poliish those gems.

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