Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Write a Rant

Norwegian playwright, Henrik Ibsen, kept a pet scorpion in an empty glass on the desk.  "Now and again," he said, "when the creature was wilting, I would drop a piece of fruit, which it would seize upon in a frenzy and inject with its poison. It would then revive. Are not we poets like that?"

Do you have venom you need to expel?  Write a rant. Begin with a frustration, an anger or an unmet need and develop a frenzy.

Bluster, fulminate, scold, huff, rave, and spout. Write it out. Discover how the poison evaporates the longer you write. Stop in a flow of words that search on and on. You may develop a solution through the process.

Creative Write:  Begin writing again with the last three sentences.  Have your subject and emotion changed?

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