Sunday, January 20, 2013

Human Behavior

Edward O. Wilson, famous for his studies of ants wrote, "Let me tell you, ants are the dominant insects. They make up as much as a quarter of the biomass of all insects in the world. They are the principal predators. They're the cemetery workers."

Wilson continues, "Ants are the leading removers of dead creatures on the land. And the rest of life is substantially dependent upon them. In many environments, take away the ants and there would be partial collapses in many of the land ecosystems. Take away humans, and everything would come back and flourish."

While driving I think of  Wilson's notion that if we take away humans everything would flourish. An individual with a coffee in one hand, cell phone in the other, makes a U-turn in the middle of a busy boulevard. The car stops in front of me. I stop, honk and block her to avoid hitting a pedestrian.  Does this person drive with her knees?  

A man roars into the middle of the street from a driveway. His wheels screech to a stop while a poodle bounces from his lap to the windshield.  The scent of coffee and irresponsibility fill the air.

Then there's the fellow with the beer bottle taking gulps as he drives past me. Maybe just a beer bottle filled with water or Red Bull at 8 am? 

All incidents occurred within a week including the woman turning left from a parking lot. She had a coffee in her hand and a baby in her lap.  

What's up, people?  Cars can become deadly weapons.

Ants appear more logical to take over the world and leave humans in their despair. Ants understand symbiosis.

Creative Write:  Write about human behavior you notice today.  

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