Monday, July 20, 2009

Writing Ponies

All writers experience various rhythms of writing's ebb and flow. I hesitate to mention the "B" word - writer's block - because we can always write . . . something. It becomes a vital part of the writing process to keep track of the times of peaks and lows in our writing life.

We can move beyond frustration and make peace with our unique style. Tricks help us survive and get more out of ourselves during slow times. Calendars serve to identify times of day, week sequences, and seasons that cause our writing auxins to move freely, or not.

What times of day do we have the highest creative energy? Are we sprinters, milers or marathon writers? As we approach the fallow ground of winter in writing mind set, we can discover strategies and techniques to tease ourselves into the writing flow again.

For me, a fountain pen provides pleasure more than fingers tapping on the keys. The scent and flow of a pen pony across the page creates rhythm and energy that equals meditation. Use of colored ink also enthuses my writer's mind.

I keep a full stable of fountain pens filled with green, turquoise, yellow and magenta inks.I also have red rose-scented ink. Some barrels feel feisty to my touch like Thoroughbreds. Others create the syncopated ride of a Missouri Fox Trotter. I have quarter horses and a Morgan or two that move my words with a pleasing gait. My Arabians kick up their heels on cold mornings. The scent of ink on a variety of papers stimulates my imagination.

Writing letters to friends and other writers encourages an action similar to freeflow but with a friendly recipient. To break old habits of frustration with our writing, we need variety and new points of view. Often it helps to write about when we have felt trapped by a thought or feeling before. How did we get out of the way of ourselves and reroute old pathways of feeling into positive possibilities?

Start a collection of writing ponies that feel good to your fingers. Gallop and hurdle any writing B words!

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