Monday, July 27, 2009

Dandelion Challenges Concrete

Gardeners have no appreciation for the dandelion. Its root tenacity makes it difficult to remove from lawns or flower beds. The dandelion thrives as an opportunist. It sneaks into tight spaces or wedges against concrete to show how nature dislikes a vacuum.

Dandelion evolved from the French word, dent de lion which refers to the tooth shaped leaves. Some Italians call it pisacan (dog pisses) referring to their prevalence near sidewalks. Northern Italians like the word, soffione (blowing). They refer to the stage where the flower turns wispy and creates seeds overnight. French fondly call it pissenlit, (piss in bed), apparently referring to its diuretic qualities.

Each seed has a parachute to twirl into position and add color to boring landscapes.

Creative write:
Research the name of a flower. How will you weave it into a poem?

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