Monday, February 15, 2016

What to do with a Pet Peeve

It does not feel like a pet at all. Whatever is a peeve anyway?

This minor annoyance might not cause anyone else distress.  Something just irritates you . . . beyond the limit.

Some have termed it the tiny trifles. A friend or partner's behavior ignites the flames of frustration.  

Maybe a persistent whistle or messiness detracts when one likes silence and an orderly overview. 

It might involve a catsup bottle cap that never finds its right place. The soap rests on the shower floor instead of the rack.

These are meaningless nothings that frickle our fancy.

Take a deep breath or four.

Use creativity to jostle the frustration into a new focus.

 Rather than let it grieve, do something to rhyme with relieve.

What if you name it? 
Horace the Hindrance might fly.

Find ways to make friends with it by designing a dialogue.

Go silly in the strategy.

Train Baron Barks-a-Lot to . . . 
Write a story or poem.

               Laugh about it from a different angle? 

Transform a peeve into something playful. 

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