Thursday, December 6, 2012

Story in Five Lines

Write a story in five lines.  Play with a variety of scenarios.  Just write what comes to mind after settling on a title.  Amaze and amuse yourself with ideas.

First line          Title
Second line     Use one sentence to describe the title.
Third line         Write three sentences to show action.
Fourth line       Add a four word sentence to describe a feeling.
Fifth line          Rename or describe the title.


Just Before Sunset

Fifteen minutes of light were left in the day.

Carlos raced into the sea for one last ride. He had a decision to make.  One wave would calm his mind.

Rage surged like the sea.

Divorce job or wife?

A Direction in Winter

One path leads beyond despair.

Miriam ran into the mulch of leaves. The road curved into a forest. She crumpled the note as she forged through the fog.

Miriam felt confused hope.

Miriam's dilemma.

A Tick Tock

The sound awakened Frank.

He jumped out of the bed. It kept growing louder. Frank rummaged through drawers. Where was it?

Frank's fear rattled him.

Getting even.

Go for five lines several times!

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