Saturday, October 20, 2012

Upside Down, Inside and Out

Nudging into creativity today, I ran in a pattering of rain. Puddles and reflections encouraged ways to view nature upside down. What fun to notice leaves relaxed in their morning spa.

Spokes of spider webs draped from the bridge railing.  Dappled with beads of dew, the lines refracted rain. Fir trees stood on their heads as squirrels twisted down oak trees in search of breakfast.  In the ponds, ducks ventured upside down to feed beneath the surface, tails wriggling in the breeze. Even the herons appeared to search for a reversal.

When we take the opportunity to break from the ordinary and move out of a mind set, it clicks our imaginations into a fresh gear. Ideas and ways to view our life's challenges appear from the inside out with a variety of connections.

Notice the leaves in communal hugs on a park bench. What a better world we'd have if everyone shared a morning upside down and inside out.  

Creative Write:  Approach the day upside down.  What do you have hiding inside that wants to come out.  Write about it!


  1. Seeing a guy in NYC a few weeks ago walking five Welsh Corgis in the pouring rain all of them wearing red or yellow slickers, tongues hanging down, pleased as punch. He looked quite a bit less thrilled. Gave me a smile, tho.

  2. Your words make the scene richer than a photo.