Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Your Writing Muscles

Writers have stories to tell and the passion and compulsion to share them. Like any athlete in training, it becomes vital to discover your writing potential.

Your personality, patience and mental muscles suit you for a type of writing. Discovering strengths in terms of how long you like to write and the length of your writing will help you decide what to write.

Novelists have marathon muscles.  They know they have a long road ahead and must prepare themselves both physically and mentally for chapter after chapter.

Essayists and short story writers have shorter jaunts ahead.

Poets have a sprinter's mindset.

Writers have the ability to develop all muscle groups to challenge themselves in a variety of genres.  Experience teaches which suits your style.

Creative Write: Take a look at your potential for writing novels, short stories, essays or poetry.  Try them all!

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