Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Guest Poet

In Gratitude for poet, Mitali Chakravarty, who shares her words of wonder to enliven today's possibilities.

Trillings of Gold and Green 

By Mitali Chakravarty




Rain falls silencing flames,

fuelling resurgence of life,

painting colours of rainbows

in the skies. Hopes of a new

start colour the Earth with

the beginnings of green. 

Plenitude of molten orange 

sunrises shade the world

with peace and love. Birds

trill songs of freedom as

humans wake up to change

laced with acceptance. 


The Birth of Hope


A sun-kissed brush

paints swirls of

pink and gold in

the canvas called 


the sky. With a soft 

murmur, the breeze 

sings a silent song till 

the Van Gogh-like strokes


dissolve. The cold grey

blushes as the sun

glides out from the clouds.

A Midas touch awakens 


the start of a new day --

a fresh yearning, another

song written for a new dawn.

The birth of Hope.


Mitali Chakravarty is a writer and the editor of Borderless Journal. She has been published widely in journals and anthologies and has a book of essays on living in China which has been recently serialised online. She writes and translates for harmony, humanity and kindness.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

A Day of Positivity and Possibility


"Tasting, seeing, experiencing, living -  all these demonstrate that there is something common to enlightenment-experience and our sense-experience; one takes place in our innermost being, the other on the periphery of our consciousness."
 - D.T. Suzuki

Imagine a day that promotes what works in the world. Choose three articles that inspire you from the news. 

Discover stories that explore individuals who have accomplished something positive. Find others who have shared their challenges and moved into another realm. Seek a group that has assisted a super result. 

Find someone or something to believe in. Disregard all that goes wrong or does not work.

Take a walk to observe how nature collaborates in scents and colors.

Focus on becoming more than a dreamer.  
Carry your positivity into the world only you can influence.

Take flight in your area of expertise.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Fluidity of the Sea

"Once this rocky coast beneath me was a plain of sand, then the sea rose and found a new shore line. Again in some shadowy future the surf will have ground these rocks to sand and will have returned the coast to its earlier state. So in my mind's eye these coastal forms merge and blend in a shifting, kaleidoscopic pattern in which there is no finality, no ultimate and fixed reality -  earth becoming fluid as the sea itself."  - Rachel Carson

Where the clouds and sea collect 
          Vibrance emerges 
                     Forges a presence 
                               to excite discovery

Sun rays and blue attract the curious.

Images arise in hearts reflected on land,

The sea attracts beginnings and continuation with its fluidity.