Saturday, November 28, 2009

Romp for Rhythm

What do laundry and flower pots bring to mind? 

I make lists of words with rhythm and sound qualities that hook into imagery. After deciding on diverse categories like clothing or food, I choose several words in each group that provide possibilities for my romp for rhythm.

This search for nuance frees the mind and tickles the synapses. Nothing has to make sense. I delve into wonder with a bounce of words and the ways they nudge one another.  Lines flow with syncopation along the way. When humor tags along, the exercise stimulates all the brain cells.

This romp challenges all expectations and spins my senses.  Regardless of life's hurdles, I wordle in all types of weather.

frills                                      persimmon
pinafore                                artichoke
lace                                      aubergine
satin                                     grapefruit
gaberdine                             asparagus
rain coat                               broccoli
overalls                                 tomato
sash                                      apricot


Let the play begin with a frill of persimmon.  Aubergine in gaberdine discovers a taste of lemon by an artichoke hidden in a pinafore's pocket.  What sprocket of surprise would arise in the ruffles of grapefruit at sunrise?  A rain coat awaits a tomato that pouts but never doubts sounds of laughter.  Sally wears overalls as her fingers nudge into the forest of broccoli.  If apricot dons a sash of geen and lace who would make the mistake of sailing into an asparagus dream?

Creative Write:  Choose two unlikely combinations.  Try wild animals and state capitols.  Discover a Sacramento's dance with a wildcat or what a giraffe in Laramie will decree.

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