Thursday, August 27, 2009

Everyone C*A*N !

I love to day dream and explore; antennae ready for everything along the paths I travel. Fantasy and reality mesh and meet my attention. If I'm working on a project that feels one-dimensional, I'll take a break and see what a wandering will uncover.  I might not use the discoveries of the day in my current project but they will wriggle into future writing. They percolate in my brain while I'm helping students discover  their own "ways in." 

Through Curiosity, Awareness and Noticing (CAN!), new opportunities build focus during times of  "boredom" which all writers encounter.  I did not use the other B word (Block) because I refuse to believe in it.  We can always write something.

I Believe (a Positive B word!) writing has its own rhythm.  We need patience and word shuffle. Also, we must learn to distract ourselves at certain times and become demanding during other situations. Each writer's temperament requires a different carrot and stick. Learn yours.

I require lots of play  time and the engagement that nature offers my sensory perceptions.  Then I CAN gather experiences and interactions to use in a variety of ways.

My cell camera assists me to add another layer of creativity to the day.  Often an incident such as a Great Blue Heron landing on the water will happen far out of the camera's focus.  My notepad will provide the space for word pictures. I scribble and record the effects of atmosphere on my temperament of the moment.

What a discovery to experience an elephant who extended its trunk and smiled from the grass!

Creative Write:  What do you say to an asphalt elephant?

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